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Magnifying glass magnifying cars licence plate

Logan Registration Service, Inc. is one of the leading On-line information providers of DMV records in California, and does business throughout all 50 states.

Our high security firewalled network of direct-to-DMV interfaces captures current driver record data (DL’s) and motor vehicle records (VR’s) and we deliver it to you instantly, in real-time for quick and accurate transactions.

Great Service with No Monthly fee!

Logan Registration provides you with fast personalized service and you only pay for the transactions you actually run. There is a minimum monthly service charge of $20 in months in which you run records, which counts towards any records run.

Time and accuracy are paramount to our customers. When you call us during business hours, we guarantee that you will be greeted by one of our highly skilled, friendly staff to help answer your question

VRs with As-Of Date 

No Problem.  These records are returned to you overnight!

Nationwide Records 

Please refer to the "Out Of State Fees" tab found on the left side of this page for price, availability and turnaround time for out of state requests.